Hardware & electrical repairs

Lighting fixtures, doorknobs, & Installations.

Electrician & hardware Repairs Raleigh, NC

Why pay the additional costs of hiring fancy express services for simple electrical repairs? Understandably if an entire area or an important light fixture or outlet is out, the additional cost of immediate assistance may be necessary. But when you have a list of broken fixtures or receptacles, we will fix or replace them without the added fees.

Electrician installation Services

Our electrical repairs guarantee professional installation and are backed by expert electrical repair men. Sometimes climbing a ladder to replace a light or fan is less than ideal for homeowners. When you have new interior or exterior lights putting the part together and mounting them can be a hassle. Our interior repairs and installations will get your home back up and running in no time.


Our Service Promise

Hardware is another broad and simplistic service; some contractors wouldn’t bother, but we will! If it’s a doorknob, hinge, or window lock, our experienced team will fix or replace the items without hesitation!

Sometimes it’s the small things that we need someone to do within our homes. We understand and accept the invitation to get all aspects of your home in working order again. Green Acorn technicians are at your service, no matter how simple or small.

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