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Repairing & maintaining all of your exterior home needs.

Professional Home Maintenance Raleigh, NC

Home maintenance is always a chore that causes more issues when overlooked. We take the guesswork out of what needs to be done around your home. When you call us, we offer daily rates enabling us to take care of what is required without itemizing prices for each task.

Home Maintenance Services

Green Acorn is licensed and able to handle everything from cleaning and caulking to repairing! Our service advantages offer complete home maintenance services, including gutter, minor roof repairs, and much more! If we find cracks, damages, or loose screws, you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of calling additional service providers.


Our Service Promise

Sometimes gutters need to be rehung or fastened. In many cases, there may be only a shingle or two that need replacing after an evening storm. If a shutter has blown off or is loose, why not call our maintenance team to tackle everything at once. Our services will prove to be cost-effective and much more convenient in more ways than a few.

When you have the professional at Green Acorn maintaining your home, you get the relief of knowing that your home is in good hands, regardless of the service need! If we can see it, we can likely maintain and fix it.

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