Exterior Wood Rot Repairs

Replacing rotted wood to last longer than before.

Home Wood Rot Repairs Raleigh, NC

From start to finish, our exterior home trim repairs offer the relief you need. No one likes exterior wood rot, and wood decay will lead to additional damage when left. We replace exterior trim with significant decay and degeneration with a material that will last longer and reduces future maintenance costs.

Complete Wood Repair Service

Our exterior repairs provide more than experienced carpenters; we ensure the entire service is full-circle. You don’t have to get painters out after we have completed the replacement – we will prepare the surface and paint it a color that matches. Once we are done with the project, let us know if you’re satisfied with the work, and you are off to continue your day.


Our Service Promise

There are several materials ranging from wood, composite, and PVC. We tailor our recommendations based on your needs. If you wish to save or need to match wood grain, replacing it with natural wood is an option. If you want long-term solutions, PVC is the way to go.

Minor wood rot can be patched in some instances. Patching is especially advantageous if the profile is hard to find or costly to replace. We focus on helping you achieve what’s best for home improvement goals, no matter how intricate or minor.

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