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Durable kitchen & bathroom tile installation.

kitchen & Bathroom tile Raleigh, NC

Tile flooring has proven to be one of the most durable and easy-to-clean materials available. Normal wear and tear from foot traffic, simple exposure to water, and household dirt can be hard to remove, but your next tile installation will eliminate that issue.

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Most kitchen and bathroom areas receive daily usage. For this reason, tile installation in kitchens and bathrooms for both homes and commercial buildings is typical. If tile flooring gets wet or dirty, it is clean with a towel or mop in seconds.


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Tile is also available in several colors, compositions, and styles. Porcelain, vinyl, slate, natural stone, slip-resistant, small mosaic, oversized travertine, the list goes on. Widely supported, most Raleigh experts guarantee tile to be the last flooring purchase that most will make. There is no longer a need to refinish, replace or maintain flooring! All alleviated by tile! And GreenAcorn tile installers are here to help!

Have you ever been in a shower for an extensive amount of time in an effort to heat the room? We all have been there once or twice! Another way to customize and add comfort to your bathroom is by adding heated flooring. Tile is versatile, relatively inexpensive, and is not solely applied or used for flooring. Various tile applications include showers, tubs, and countertops.

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